Clean with Water

Norwex Microfiber–Clean with Water

What?  Clean with just water?  How can that be?  If your like me, these may be some of the things going through your mind when you hear that you can clean with a cloth and water. Although seeing is believing–if you are like me, I need to know the science behind why it works.  When you clean with Norwex Microfiber, you are mechanically cleaning your surface rather than chemically cleaning.

  • Norwex Cloths, scrubbers and mops are the backbone of Norwex.  With Norwex microfiber you can effectively clean all of the surfaces of your home using just a cloth and water.
  • Norwex microfiber is 1/200 the size of a strand of human hair and it takes over 1700 miles of fiber to create a cloth.  These fine fibers work to mechanically like bionic sponges lifting dirt, grease and grime away from the surface.
  • Each fiber contains micro silver which with its self purification properties act as “birth control” for your cloth reducing mold, fungi and bacterial odor and reducing cross contamination