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The Ultimate Norwex Graduation Gift Guide

Graduation season is upon us. Our Sunday afternoons are about to be filled with the sounds of “Pomp and Circumstance” and slices of sugary graduation cake. And, if you’re like most people, you’ll probably be stuffing cards with $20s for lack of a better gift idea.

But if you’re looking for something a little more unique – something that can help them save time, money and the environment – then Norwex is right up your alley. Here’s why:

  • Norwex can eliminate the need for things like dryer sheets, makeup remover cloths, face wash – even soap – so they have more money for things like books … and pizza.
  • Norwex is the perfect gift for the environmentally-minded graduate. It reduces waste and introduces them to new ways to live chemical-free.
  • Norwex can cut down on cleaning time by about 75 percent, so its ideal for anyone who doesn’t like to clean. And who likes to clean less than teenagers, right?

So, which Norwex items make the best gifts? Check out this list. Pick just one or two or  put them all together in a handy tote or laundry basket!

Norwex College Survival Kit

Dryer Balls

Whether you get the wool Fluff and Tumble Dryer Balls or the regular Dryer Balls, these are the perfect gift for anyone just starting out on their own. They are reusable so no need to keep buying dryer sheets or fabric softener; they last for years (the Fluff and Tumble Dryer Balls might even last as long as their college stay); and they eliminate the chemical residue that is typically left behind when using regular dryer sheets or fabric softeners.

Body Cloths

Our Body Cloths are an easy and chemical-free way for anyone to take care of their skin. They can be used for 3-days to a week without needing to be laundered; there’s no need to keep buying skin care items; and they can go soap-free to save even more money!

Bath Towels

These towels are super absorbent and fast drying, so they are ready to use again quickly. They also contain our BacLock  antibacterial agent so the towel inhibits bacterial odor, mold and/or mildew growth – meaning fewer towels, less laundry.

Sink Mats

These highly absorbent microfiber and foam mats are perfect for resting dishes, contacts cases, or toothbrushes on.

Dish Cloths

This specially-woven, non-absorbent netted cloth is great for scrubbing without a lot of water. Just a few drops of dish soap will do it. The net won’t hold onto food particles and soap after its rinsed, so no need for regular machine washing.


You can’t go wrong with this classic. The EnviroCloth removes up to 99 percent of bacteria from a surface when following proper care and use instructions with water alone – so it makes cleaning up simple and easy. Use it dry for dusting or wet for cleaning up sinks and counters. It’s also super-absorbent so it will clean up spills quickly. The EnviroCloth also contains BacLock, so all they need to do is rinse and hang to dry in between uses.

So, whether your graduate is heading off to college, traveling or just starting out on their own, Norwex has their needs covered!




Norwex Eco FriendlyGift Giving Guide

It’s 6 days before Christmas.  Do you all have your Christmas shopping done?  Not me!  Every year I have intentions of getting a jump on the holidays–but every year I find myself caught up in the chaos of last minute shoppers.

Not this year!  Check out the link below!  Norwex has made Eco Friendly gift giving easy.   With all of the clutter around my house right now, I am especially loving the idea of gifting experiences rather than things!

Check it out:

Eco Friendly Gift Giving

In honor of our month of giving, some “eco friendly” holiday gift giving ideas and tips!

Save time, money, and the environment - consider giving someone a Norwex gift.

  • Buy an experience – Rather than buying a “thing”, buy a gift certificate to a favorite restaurant, tickets to a show or to some event they want to attend.
  • Quality, not quantity – Higher quality items will last longer and be more appreciated.
  • Buy secondhand – Used, secondhand, vintage, antique scores points for uniqueness.
  • Make it Yourself – Create homemade products, such as jams or cookies, and package them in reusable friendly glass.
  • Buy Sustainable Products – Seek out eco conscious manufacturers for healthier, less environmentally toxic gifts, made of natural materials such as wood, metal, rubber, paper, cotton, wool, and coated with non toxic colors.
  • Give to Charity – Donate money, plant a tree, support their favorite church or charitable organization in their name.

Most importantly, you are “paying it forward” — Eco-conscious gift giving is also an opportunity for you to encourage others to be mindful of their own world and health too!

Herein, we present our first annual Norwex Gift Giving Guide!

Norwex 2014 Gift Guide
•  Amazon Kindle Voyage eReader   $199
•  Amazon Kindle eReader   $79
•  Record Clock   $38 (made with recycled materials)Christmas gifts 2014 - Norwex
•  Candle Projector   $48 (uses non-toxic & clean burning oil)
•  Norwex Pitch the Plastic Collection  – contact your consultant

•  Handmade Silk Tie   $32 (fair trade product)
•  Eco-Friendly Rancher Shirt   $79 (fair trade product)
•  Eco-Friendly Hoodie Sweater   $48 (fair trade product)
•  Olive and Bronze Organic Socks   $15 (organic)
•  Norwex Microfiber Bath Towels with BacLock™   – contact your consultant

•  Brass Bracelets   $65 (made with sustainable metals)
•  Vegetable Dyed Wooden Bangles   $10 (Community Friendly Movement product)
•  Organic Jersey Cardigan   $145 (fair trade product)
•  Recycled Sari Silk Bag   $35 (organic)
•  Optic Scarf  – contact your consultant

•  Wood Dollhouse   $240 (made with sustainable materials)
•  Knit Teddy Bear   $28 (fair trade product)
•  Organic Long John Set   $34 (organic)
•  Wood Toys   $12+ (made with sustainable materials)
•  Children’s Organic Paint Kit   $20 (organic)
•  Norwex Kids EnviroCloth™ with BacLock™   – contact your consultant

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