About Me!

beachWho am I?

My name is Erin Reagen.  I am a busy mom of 3 (do you know any mom’s who are not busy?), a nurse and an educator at heart. When Norwex found me, 7 years ago, I was not looking for one more thing to do.   And, I was not seeking out a better and safer way to clean.  My younger sister invited me to her Norwex party.  And although I was skeptical about cleaning with a cloth and water, I went to her Norwex party—because she is my sister.  (And because the invitation said Wine and Chocolate:-).  So–I went for the wine and chocolate–and found myself intrugued.  I purchased the Basic Pack(Enviro Cloth and Window Cloth).  I used them one time at home and knew that everyone needed these cloths.  Imagine cutting your cleaning time in half and eliminating the need for chemical cleaners!!

Radically Clean

Norwex radically reduces chemicals in the home.  I love the ripple effect that is created when Norwex is introduced into homes.  One home at a time–we are creating safe havens.  I am currently a Vice President Sales Leader and along with my team, I am working to spread Norwex across the country!