Norwex Summer Essentials

Summer has arrived – and with it comes trips the beach, family vacations, picnics, bike rides, ball games and camp outs! It’s a busy time of year for a lot of families, but no matter where you’re going or what you’re up to,  Norwex has you covered!

summer Essentials

At the Beach

  • Dusting Mitt – A trip to the beach wouldn’t be complete without multiple attempts to get sand off your feet, right? Next time, throw the Dusting Mitt in your bag! It’s perfect for getting sand off your feet … or anything else you take along! 

On Vacation

  • Microfiber Variety Pack – This mini-version of three of our most popular cloths – the EnvrioCloth, Window Cloth and Body Cloth – are perfect for summer travel.
  • Reusable Wet Wipes Bag – Need something to put your travel cloths in? No worries! Just pack them in this water-resistant, 2-pocket bag!
  • Wrinkle Release Spray – This specially-formulated spray removes unsightly wrinkles in no time! Simply spray then gently tug and smooth wrinkles away.

At the Ball Park or On the Trails

  • Sportzyme – Tired of stinky gear? The fast-acting enzymes in this spray break down and eliminate organic residues that cause odors in shoes and equipment bags.
  • Sport Towel – This highly-absorbent suede microfiber towel folds down small and fits in its own pouch for easy carrying.

Family Picnics

  • Silicone Lids – Forget the plastic wrap that can leach chemicals into your food. These lids create a tight seal on any smooth rim to keep foods fresh. Here’s another helpful tip: the Blue Lid fits perfectly over a half a watermelon!
  • Norwex Napkins – No need for paper napkins that fill up the trash – and don’t work that well anyway! These napkins are durable and sustainable, and can be rinsed and used over and over again!
  • Stainless Steel Drinking Straws – These are an earth-friendly, long-lasting alternative to plastic or paper disposable straws!
  •  Travel Pack – Four travel-sized EnviroCloths that are perfect size for wiping sticky hands and faces or cleaning off a dirty picnic table
  • Timeless Natural Hand Cleaner – Easy to carry in your purse, diaper bag or carry-on. It’s free of triclosan and alcohol and won’t dry your skin like alcohol-based hand cleaners.

At the Farmers Market

  • Reusable Produce Bags – This set of three bags is perfect for taking home all the goodies you’ve found! Strong enough to carry a full load of fruits and veggies. And non-leaching and non-toxic so your food stays fresh and pure!
  • Fresh Produce Wash You need to clean all those beautiful fruits and veggies up when you get home, right? This produce wash effectively removes unwanted chemical residue from fertilizers, dirt and bacteria. It also helps extend the shelf life of your produce.
  • Fruit & Veggie Scrub Cloth–  The Fruit & Veggie Scrub Cloth is the perfect companion to our Fresh Produce Wash. Use the rough side for scrubbing and the smooth side for polishing.

The Ultimate Norwex Graduation Gift Guide

Graduation season is upon us. Our Sunday afternoons are about to be filled with the sounds of “Pomp and Circumstance” and slices of sugary graduation cake. And, if you’re like most people, you’ll probably be stuffing cards with $20s for lack of a better gift idea.

But if you’re looking for something a little more unique – something that can help them save time, money and the environment – then Norwex is right up your alley. Here’s why:

  • Norwex can eliminate the need for things like dryer sheets, makeup remover cloths, face wash – even soap – so they have more money for things like books … and pizza.
  • Norwex is the perfect gift for the environmentally-minded graduate. It reduces waste and introduces them to new ways to live chemical-free.
  • Norwex can cut down on cleaning time by about 75 percent, so its ideal for anyone who doesn’t like to clean. And who likes to clean less than teenagers, right?

So, which Norwex items make the best gifts? Check out this list. Pick just one or two or  put them all together in a handy tote or laundry basket!

Norwex College Survival Kit

Dryer Balls

Whether you get the wool Fluff and Tumble Dryer Balls or the regular Dryer Balls, these are the perfect gift for anyone just starting out on their own. They are reusable so no need to keep buying dryer sheets or fabric softener; they last for years (the Fluff and Tumble Dryer Balls might even last as long as their college stay); and they eliminate the chemical residue that is typically left behind when using regular dryer sheets or fabric softeners.

Body Cloths

Our Body Cloths are an easy and chemical-free way for anyone to take care of their skin. They can be used for 3-days to a week without needing to be laundered; there’s no need to keep buying skin care items; and they can go soap-free to save even more money!

Bath Towels

These towels are super absorbent and fast drying, so they are ready to use again quickly. They also contain our BacLock  antibacterial agent so the towel inhibits bacterial odor, mold and/or mildew growth – meaning fewer towels, less laundry.

Sink Mats

These highly absorbent microfiber and foam mats are perfect for resting dishes, contacts cases, or toothbrushes on.

Dish Cloths

This specially-woven, non-absorbent netted cloth is great for scrubbing without a lot of water. Just a few drops of dish soap will do it. The net won’t hold onto food particles and soap after its rinsed, so no need for regular machine washing.


You can’t go wrong with this classic. The EnviroCloth removes up to 99 percent of bacteria from a surface when following proper care and use instructions with water alone – so it makes cleaning up simple and easy. Use it dry for dusting or wet for cleaning up sinks and counters. It’s also super-absorbent so it will clean up spills quickly. The EnviroCloth also contains BacLock, so all they need to do is rinse and hang to dry in between uses.

So, whether your graduate is heading off to college, traveling or just starting out on their own, Norwex has their needs covered!




Kick Off Your Summer With An Amazing New Business! Join Norwex for Free!


kit comparison banner

Summer is almost here!

That means vacations, backyard projects, trips to the pool and amusement parks. We could all use a little extra money this time of year, right?

If you’ve been looking for a way to earn some extra income this summer, then Norwex has the perfect opportunity for you! For the entire month of May, you can sign up to become a Norwex consultant absolutely RISK FREE!

Pay just $9.99 in shipping and handling and receive an exclusive starter kit that includes a free EnviroCloth, free Window Cloth and business materials to get started. You still get the full consultant benefits – 35 percent commission on all sales, discounts, incentives and free products – but there is no sales requirement! The kit remains free no matter how much you make in sales!

This starter kit is perfect for anyone who has been considering the Norwex opportunity but has been nervous to take the plunge. It’s also great for those of you who love the products, want to share them with family and friends and enjoy the discounts!


Can I Still Get the Mop for Free?

Absolutely! If you can really see yourself going all in,  I encourage you to still consider our standard party kit. It comes with all the Norwex products you would want to demo at parties – including our mop. And, as always, the kit is free if you meet the standard 90-day sales requirement. Take a look at the differences between the two kits and decide which one is right for you!


What Are You Waiting For?

Now is the perfect, risk free time to dip your toes in and see if a Norwex business is right for you. If you love Norwex, if you find yourself telling your friends and family about Norwex, if you like helping others reduce chemicals in their home, if you would like to make some extra money–then this is the best month to give Norwex a try.

I love partnering with others to build their own business.  Whether you are interested in the consultant discount, a money-making hobby or life-changing income, I will meet you where you are.   Let’s chat for a few minutes and see if this is right for you.

Click here to learn more.

Time For a Fresh Start

May is finally here , and my goodness, it’s wonderful, isn’t it?

It’s been a rough couple of months weather-wise here in Iowa. We endured the typical snow, ice and freezing temps that come every winter only to be hit with more freezing temps in March and freak snowstorms in April. But the sun did eventually come out, and now the days are warmer, birds are singing, and new life is blooming all around us. It’s the perfect time for a fresh start.

So, I’m taking a cue from Mother Nature and giving this site some new life, too.

I started Radically Clean a couple years ago as a way to connect with others who are just as passionate about living a healthier lifestyle as I am. But, as my business took off, life got busier and blogging got put on the backburner.

Then I ran a 30-day spring cleaning challenge on Facebook last month and was amazed at the response! It was a great reminder of how many people are looking for ways to make their lives easier, happier and healthier.

So, here we are with a new and improved blog! I’m so glad you’re here with me!


What You’ll Find

Norwex has done so much to improve my life and the lives of my customers and I’m hoping to share it with you as well! But this isn’t a blog just about Norwex. Together we’ll explore ways to:

  • Reduce the use of chemicals in our daily lives
  • Make household tasks easier – so we spend less time cleaning and more time living!
  • Improve the quality of life – not just for ourselves but for our friends, families and loved ones, too!
  • Inspire each other to make big changes!

Stay Connected

One of the things I love most about being a Norwex consultant is connecting with and educating people! So let’s stay in touch. Follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest! And don’t forget to leave me a comment!


Laundering Your Norwex Microfiber

1413_Lets_Do_laundry_Package_2015cat_LowResYou now own the best microfiber on the planet!  Taking care of your Norwex Microfiber is easy-peasy!  The silver in the cloths will help with odor and cross contamination between laundering.  After using your cloth be sure to rub them against themselves in warm water or with a drip if dish soap.  Then ring them out and hang to dry.  With daily use, you will need to launder your cloths every 5-7 days. Just follow these simple steps.


  • Wash in the washer( I wash on hot)
  • Dry in the dryer
  • For best results use Norwex laundry detergent(or a natural, filler free detergent)


  • NO Fabric Softener or Dryer sheets (these coat the fibers making them less effective)
  • NO Bleach (Bleach naturally degrades fiber)
  • Do not wash with towels or linty loads

Deep Cleaning for Stubborn Stains and Odors:

1. Option One:  Boil your cloths for 10 minutes allowing the fibers to swell and release and release the debris.  This should not be           done more than 3-4 times per year.

2.  Option Two:  Deep soak method.  (I love this method).  Boil a pot of water, and REMOVE it from heat.  Then add one scoop of             Norwex Ultra-Power Plus Laundry detergent to dissolve in the hot water.  Now place your Enviro cloths, Body Cloths, etc in this          hot water, and let it set overnight.  Then launder as usual.  You may be shocked by how much dirt is released into this water.

3.  For hard water or mineral build-up, you can soak your cloths in vinegar for a few minutes and them boil them for 10 minutes.              Vinegar can also be added to your rinse cycle(in place of fabric softener).  Vinegar naturally softens your clothes(and no odor is          left behind)

Take a Chance to Make a Change…..

top team

Top Norwex Team

I just returned from the 2015 Norwex Leadership Conference where the Norwex team that I a part of was named the Top Norwex Team in the company!  Being in Florida with this group of amazing women gave me time to reflect on my journey with Norwex.

I began Norwex 4 1/2 years ago when I attended my sister’s Norwex party.  Although I was skeptical, I purchased the Basic Pack and my journey began. I used the cloths once and immediately understood that the world needs Norwex.  I signed up because it is free to get started.  I decided to give it a try for three months.  Three months has turned into 4 1/2 amazing years and I am so glad I took the chance and made a change.  Maybe it’s right for you! Learn more here:  Norwex Consultant Info

Here are some possible side effects of becoming a Norwex consultant:

1.  Personal Growth:  When you start your own Norwex business you are likely to become more confident.  You will be able to create your own success working a flexible schedule.  You will learn to be comfortable speaking in front of groups of people (believe me, you will).   Norwex allows you to create your own success while helping others while working a flexible schedule.  Norwex teaches you that anything is possible when you have a purpose and helps you create an amazing vision for my your life

2   Financial Freedom:  Most people join Norwex because they love the products and they love educating others on how to reduce toxic chemicals from their lives.  But in the process, they begin making money.  Norwex earnings can provide help pay a bill, provide extra “fun” money for family outings or vacations or provide life changing income!  For me, it immediately took some of the financial pressure off of my husband.  Now, it allows us to dream bigger dreams than we ever thought were possible.  Imagine adding $500, $1000, $2000 or $4000/ month to your family’s budget. The sky is the limit!

3.  Friendship:   Norwex consultants are an amazing network of like-minded women and men who believe that we can change the world one home at a time!  Connecting through facebook, at team meetings, Norwex incentive trips and National Conference, you develop lifelong friendships.

4.  Change the World:  At Norwex, we believe that little changes can make a BIG difference.  When you educate others on how to reduce toxic chemicals from their homes, it has a ripple effect.  When people know better, they do better.  Every home needs Norwex!

5. Uplift other women:  Now that I am a Norwex leader, my favorite part of my job is to uplift other woman.  Mentoring other woman to start their own business and become successful is absolutely addicting and I do it everyday!


Ready to take a chance to make change?  I am building a team of amazing people to help me reach every home.  Learn more about becoming a consultant.


Norwex Eco FriendlyGift Giving Guide

It’s 6 days before Christmas.  Do you all have your Christmas shopping done?  Not me!  Every year I have intentions of getting a jump on the holidays–but every year I find myself caught up in the chaos of last minute shoppers.

Not this year!  Check out the link below!  Norwex has made Eco Friendly gift giving easy.   With all of the clutter around my house right now, I am especially loving the idea of gifting experiences rather than things!

Check it out:

Eco Friendly Gift Giving

In honor of our month of giving, some “eco friendly” holiday gift giving ideas and tips!

Save time, money, and the environment - consider giving someone a Norwex gift.

  • Buy an experience – Rather than buying a “thing”, buy a gift certificate to a favorite restaurant, tickets to a show or to some event they want to attend.
  • Quality, not quantity – Higher quality items will last longer and be more appreciated.
  • Buy secondhand – Used, secondhand, vintage, antique scores points for uniqueness.
  • Make it Yourself – Create homemade products, such as jams or cookies, and package them in reusable friendly glass.
  • Buy Sustainable Products – Seek out eco conscious manufacturers for healthier, less environmentally toxic gifts, made of natural materials such as wood, metal, rubber, paper, cotton, wool, and coated with non toxic colors.
  • Give to Charity – Donate money, plant a tree, support their favorite church or charitable organization in their name.

Most importantly, you are “paying it forward” — Eco-conscious gift giving is also an opportunity for you to encourage others to be mindful of their own world and health too!

Herein, we present our first annual Norwex Gift Giving Guide!

Norwex 2014 Gift Guide
•  Amazon Kindle Voyage eReader   $199
•  Amazon Kindle eReader   $79
•  Record Clock   $38 (made with recycled materials)Christmas gifts 2014 - Norwex
•  Candle Projector   $48 (uses non-toxic & clean burning oil)
•  Norwex Pitch the Plastic Collection  – contact your consultant

•  Handmade Silk Tie   $32 (fair trade product)
•  Eco-Friendly Rancher Shirt   $79 (fair trade product)
•  Eco-Friendly Hoodie Sweater   $48 (fair trade product)
•  Olive and Bronze Organic Socks   $15 (organic)
•  Norwex Microfiber Bath Towels with BacLock™   – contact your consultant

•  Brass Bracelets   $65 (made with sustainable metals)
•  Vegetable Dyed Wooden Bangles   $10 (Community Friendly Movement product)
•  Organic Jersey Cardigan   $145 (fair trade product)
•  Recycled Sari Silk Bag   $35 (organic)
•  Optic Scarf  – contact your consultant

•  Wood Dollhouse   $240 (made with sustainable materials)
•  Knit Teddy Bear   $28 (fair trade product)
•  Organic Long John Set   $34 (organic)
•  Wood Toys   $12+ (made with sustainable materials)
•  Children’s Organic Paint Kit   $20 (organic)
•  Norwex Kids EnviroCloth™ with BacLock™   – contact your consultant

Some Other Great Resources:
Green Gift Giving
Green Christmas

Clean with Water

Norwex Microfiber–Clean with Water

What?  Clean with just water?  How can that be?  If your like me, these may be some of the things going through your mind when you hear that you can clean with a cloth and water. Although seeing is believing–if you are like me, I need to know the science behind why it works.  When you clean with Norwex Microfiber, you are mechanically cleaning your surface rather than chemically cleaning.

  • Norwex Cloths, scrubbers and mops are the backbone of Norwex.  With Norwex microfiber you can effectively clean all of the surfaces of your home using just a cloth and water.
  • Norwex microfiber is 1/200 the size of a strand of human hair and it takes over 1700 miles of fiber to create a cloth.  These fine fibers work to mechanically like bionic sponges lifting dirt, grease and grime away from the surface.
  • Each fiber contains micro silver which with its self purification properties act as “birth control” for your cloth reducing mold, fungi and bacterial odor and reducing cross contamination


It’s Finally Happening!

You have been asking for it for years!  So here it is!  My website and blog are now up in running!