Norwex Summer Essentials

Summer has arrived – and with it comes trips the beach, family vacations, picnics, bike rides, ball games and camp outs! It’s a busy time of year for a lot of families, but no matter where you’re going or what you’re up to,  Norwex has you covered!

summer Essentials

At the Beach

  • Dusting Mitt – A trip to the beach wouldn’t be complete without multiple attempts to get sand off your feet, right? Next time, throw the Dusting Mitt in your bag! It’s perfect for getting sand off your feet … or anything else you take along! 

On Vacation

  • Microfiber Variety Pack – This mini-version of three of our most popular cloths – the EnvrioCloth, Window Cloth and Body Cloth – are perfect for summer travel.
  • Reusable Wet Wipes Bag – Need something to put your travel cloths in? No worries! Just pack them in this water-resistant, 2-pocket bag!
  • Wrinkle Release Spray – This specially-formulated spray removes unsightly wrinkles in no time! Simply spray then gently tug and smooth wrinkles away.

At the Ball Park or On the Trails

  • Sportzyme – Tired of stinky gear? The fast-acting enzymes in this spray break down and eliminate organic residues that cause odors in shoes and equipment bags.
  • Sport Towel – This highly-absorbent suede microfiber towel folds down small and fits in its own pouch for easy carrying.

Family Picnics

  • Silicone Lids – Forget the plastic wrap that can leach chemicals into your food. These lids create a tight seal on any smooth rim to keep foods fresh. Here’s another helpful tip: the Blue Lid fits perfectly over a half a watermelon!
  • Norwex Napkins – No need for paper napkins that fill up the trash – and don’t work that well anyway! These napkins are durable and sustainable, and can be rinsed and used over and over again!
  • Stainless Steel Drinking Straws – These are an earth-friendly, long-lasting alternative to plastic or paper disposable straws!
  •  Travel Pack – Four travel-sized EnviroCloths that are perfect size for wiping sticky hands and faces or cleaning off a dirty picnic table
  • Timeless Natural Hand Cleaner – Easy to carry in your purse, diaper bag or carry-on. It’s free of triclosan and alcohol and won’t dry your skin like alcohol-based hand cleaners.

At the Farmers Market

  • Reusable Produce Bags – This set of three bags is perfect for taking home all the goodies you’ve found! Strong enough to carry a full load of fruits and veggies. And non-leaching and non-toxic so your food stays fresh and pure!
  • Fresh Produce Wash You need to clean all those beautiful fruits and veggies up when you get home, right? This produce wash effectively removes unwanted chemical residue from fertilizers, dirt and bacteria. It also helps extend the shelf life of your produce.
  • Fruit & Veggie Scrub Cloth–  The Fruit & Veggie Scrub Cloth is the perfect companion to our Fresh Produce Wash. Use the rough side for scrubbing and the smooth side for polishing.